We are a creative team of design, visual + marketing specialists who understand branding from a top-line perspective. We work with clients to create graphics + branding collateral that not only speaks to your customer, but is cohesive, compelling + memorable.  Our combined background of expert graphic design, established public relations + marketing allow us to not only conceptualize + create your branding, but to help you define it, understand it + achieve it. 


Meticulous Perfectionist / Disney Princess / Champagne Lover / Font Study Fanatic

Cynthia’s innate sense of design, love for details and graphic abilities are reflected in her work. Her infectious laughter, excitement for her work and enthusiasm for life are contagious.

Cynthia attended Savannah College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. She has worked at a number of design agencies as well as doing freelance graphic design after graduating, honing her skills and developing an eye for detail. Cynthia’s expertise and range of projects include developing full brand packages, logo design, restaurant re-design, social media assets, business cards and web design. Her knowledge and love for visuals allows her to seamlessly pinpoint a brand’s personality and bring it to life.

Entrepreneur / Mermaid / Rosé Aficionado / Challenge Accepter

Becky’s work ethic and drive define her, and her entrepreneurial spirit carries over into every project she puts her mind, heart and energy towards.

Becky attended American University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. She owned a PR agency in Los Angeles for 7 years, before moving back to St. John where she continued to do public relations and marketing consulting remotely for LA + NY companies. Whether launching brands or growing existing companies, Becky works with businesses to break the rules and achieve more, find their voice and helping them gain visibility and credibility in the marketplace. 


Watch: Biodome

Dance:  Party!

Listen: Salt n Peppa “Push It” + Destra “Lucy”

Color: Wasabi + Rose Gold

Read: The Icarus Deception + Desire Map

Visit: Turkey, Bali, Ecuador, Galapagos, Tonga, Vietnam, Philippines, Croatia, South Africa, Peru, the list goes on…

Zest: Roadtrips, sunshine on my skin, fresh cut grass + family

Watch: The Sound Of Music

Dance: Disney freestyle with a lot of arm movement

Listen: Mr. Fete, Machel Montano  +  Unbelievers, Vampire Weekend

Color: Lavender + Pineapple

Read: Harry Potter Series  +  The Tao of Pooh + Bossypants

Visit: Croatia on a sailboat

Zest:  Colors, Coffee, Cats + Champagne