Local yogi Jen Endicott came to us with a mission - she wanted us to help her define her business, pinpoint a name, and develop a brand concept that could grow with her. Her yoga business needed to create a sense balance of strength and serenity, while incorporating the wellness values that meant most to her. Not knowing where life may take her, it also needed to reflect the here and now in St. John, but also allow for growth in the future, wherever her passion may take her geographically. 

What we did:

We worked with Jen to define her brand and find her voice. Through a series of questionnaires, meetings and many Pinterest board pins later, we were able to pinpoint her aesthetic, vision and overall vibe that she hoped to achieve.

inspiration board:


The Result:

Jen felt drawn to many aspects of wellness and yoga, but the big aspects that resonated were strength and overall wellbeing. Additionally, we identified that she as an individual and her brand were synonymous - there was no brand without Jen Endicott herself. Through lots of wordplay, brainstorming and creative process, we determined the name "Strong and Well with Jen Endicott." From there, we extrapolated, integrating the mantra of "I am strong + well" to be a slogan and therefore, the web address. We came up with a series of designs, logos and design elements that brought cohesion and synergy to the concept. 

Our designs:



Becky and Cynthia made it easy to share ideas as both listened eagerly to my thoughts and the inspiration behind my desire to create a brand. They quickly began brainstorming, shared their thoughts and ideas, as well as their vision for the future of the branding. Soon after a beautiful logo and related elements were born. I am happy to have worked with and plan to continue to work with these two amazing women. Becky and Cynthia have proven their fresh and creative ways.